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Yellow Platter Learning Suite


About YPLS

The Yellow Platter Suite (YPLS) is Indecomm’s integrated learning suite that caters to a wide range of learning needs. It is the culmination of numerous learning products developed in-house and enhanced over the years.

This integrated suite addresses an organization’s learning needs.

Key Differentiators

Our key differentiators include:

  • Being an integrated platform for all your Learning needs
  • Efficient ‘Build-Review-Deploy-Consume’ capability
  • Easy flow and fast turnaround
  • Being low cost with high ROI
  • Catering to current technology Trends
  • Being highly configurable and scalable / flexible and customizable
  • Being highly compatible with existing infrastructure
  • Being compliant with E-learning technology standards
  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting
YPLS Offerings

The comprehensive learning suite includes the following components to manage all learning needs.

RapideL: Content Authoring Tool

RapideL is our web-based content authoring tool that offers Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts, and Content Developers a rapid online authoring environment to generate HTML5 eLearning courses.

With a variety of easily configurable course settings, ready templates, and an easy ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get” editor interface, RapideL is a simple yet robust solution to creating online courseware.

Peruse: Content Review Tool

Peruse is an online content review tool that enables multiple reviewers to go through a course and log their comments simultaneously.

This content review tool eliminates the need for a separate document to log the issues and provides the ability to view status and severity of issues, as well as providing a history of each issue within the same document.

YP LMS: Learning Management System

YP LMS is a simple-to-use LMS that helps your employees and customers learn, collaborate, and perform better. Built on current Microsoft technologies and SaaS architecture, YP LMS can be customized to your requirements and deployed rapidly, with minimal licensing and implementation costs.

YP TAB: Offline Learning App

YP TAB enables learners to access E-learning content by downloading the learning material and reading them offline. Their progress status is synced to the LMS once they are connected to the Internet.

YP Tab is a mobile app for Android & iOS platforms. The app is suitable for web-based training modules and is also designed to support tablets.

iPerform provides easy access to knowledge bytes/articles for learners when they are on the field and need quick information. It is a micro-learning mobile app that enables innovative means of knowledge sharing within the organization.

iPerform works on mobile devices using both the Android & iOS platforms.

Publishing Portal: Document Management System

The Publishing Portal enables creating and managing documents with a role-based workflow for simple version control. The Portal also facilitates creation of your document library with a directory structure.

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