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We design digital, web-based learning experiences that are tailored to our clients’ requirements in terms of learning strategy, visual style, branding, and language—to provide an immersive experience that achieves the desired performance results. Our design philosophy is a practical and learner-centric approach guided by three Rs:



Use real-life scenarios and examples to enable learners to connect with the learning experience. Keep the experience as realistic as possible to elicit maximum participation, immersion, and retention.


Unfold new information in incremental, digestible steps. Always maintain the connection between the known and the unknown. Present content in such a way that it engages the mind and the heart. We firmly believe that an emotional connection with the content is the key to its internalization and retention.


Provide the learners with ample opportunity to practice and review the concepts and skills learned. Use practice exercises that simulate real-life situations to allow the learners to see the ramifications of their decisions and actions in an environment that provides support to rectify mistakes.

Case Study:

PDFCustom eLearning Process

We also provide conventional eLearning development services, leveraging our experienced pool of designers, graphic artists, content developers, programmers, and quality assurance associates, who translate our clients’ vision into engaging eLearning experiences. To ensure the instructional integrity of the product, an instructional designer supports the development team during the implementation of our clients’ design.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create beautiful and useful eLearning courses that don’t break the bank or take forever to build, RapideL, our web-based rapid content authoring and reviewing tool, offers your Instructional Designers, Subject Matter Experts and Content Developers a rapid online authoring environment to generate Flash and HTML5 eLearning courses. With customized multi-user and multi-role workflows, a gallery of readily-available templates, media elements and interactivities, a variety of easily configurable course settings, a collaborative storyboarding and reviewing environment, a web-based “What You See Is What You Get” authoring interface, and a host of other cleverly innovative features, RapideL is just the tool you need to increase return on investment and reduce time to market on your organization’s eLearning initiatives.

Our approach to Rapid eLearning is:

  • Break up the learning content into very small learning nuggets that are quick to develop, consume, and reload
  • Use a template-based development strategy
  • Involve the client-stakeholders as active contributors to the project cycle

Case Study:

PDFRapid eLearning

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