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Digital Experience Design


Designing a positive digital customer experience has become a focus of all leading enterprises the world over.

However, a positive digital experience cannot be achieved by simply creating an attractive website or mobile App. It requires the digital transformation of business models and operations so that IT and Business decisions are synchronized.

Digital transformation occurs when an enterprise focuses on the following key areas:

  • Customer Experience, where personalized experiences are provided across channels, digital products and services are developed for new devices, and data is collected from each digital touchpoint.
  • Operational Processes, where technology is used to redesign operational systems, data silos across departments are broken down, and automating processes
  • Innovative Business Systems, where business models facilitate the creation of products and services for new technologies and changes in customer behavior

Our DXP offerings include:

  • Rethinking experience components such as:
  • Micro-interactions—Includes designing more ‘human-like’ interactions with the device, improving usability, and technology adoption rates
  • Responsive Design—Supports multi-device users by developing innovative site layouts for varying screen sizes
  • UI frameworks—Equipped with more configuration and interface options as well as widgets
  • Integrating DXP with:
  • Content Management Services—Enables authoring, organizing, publishing content across channels (websites, mobile apps, digital kiosks, and mobile notifications)
  • Marketing and Campaign Services—Enables configuration of targeted campaigns based on user segmentation and audience targeting
  • Analytics Services—Enables web analytics to track and monitor metrics such as user navigation, downloads, page visits
  • Enterprise Services—Facilitates integration with open standards-based, API gateway, social integration, micro-services, plugin/adaptors
  • Search Services—Provides search capabilities across the enterprise and websites
  • Omnichannel integration—Integrates customer data across all devices, channels, and digital touchpoints
  • Creating portal services on lean architecture—Creates digital workplace scenarios to facilitate greater employee interactions and partner engagement with suppliers and franchisees
  • Building social and collaborative tools—Includes the use of blogs, wikis, forums, communities, and audio or video chat to maximize productivity
  • Developing commerce-centric modules for transaction capabilities—Includes content delivery, payment integration, inventory management, product information management, order fulfillment, capabilities
  • Embedding security services—Includes user authentication and secure Single Sign-On capabilities

Partner with us to create exceptional digital experiences that your customers will never forget!

Digitalized Communication and Training Strategies for Change Management

Change is a constant in every organization, whether it involves roll-out of a process, policy, system, tool, or amendments to an organization’s structure or leadership.

Managing change is a complex process and involves challenges like:

  • Establishing the need for the change
  • Ensuring the adoption of the change
  • Tracking the change implementation to assess its effectiveness

Through consultative engagements, we design digital communication and training strategies to mitigate the challenges and ensure effective adoption of a change.