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Coaching (ILT and VILT):


In today’s digitally automated world, there are a few things that still require human interaction, and learning is one of them. There is no better way to learn than directly from an expert who is capable of resolving all your queries and doubts right there and then. Furthermore, such an experience also provides the dual opportunity to learn from our peers.

We design instructor-facilitated learning experiences as classroom or web-based sessions. Depending on our clients’ needs, these sessions can be lecture-driven, activity-based, or discussion-oriented and can be delivered in person or via an instructional video.

With the variety of learning modes now available, a more effective learning solution is one that includes an appropriate mix of different modes to meet the desired learning and performance goal.

Smart blended learning solutions lead to richer and deeper interactions between the content, facilitators, and learners, allowing learners to master the content at their own pace.

Our blended learning solutions include a mix of eLearning, classroom training, game-based learning, coaching, field trips, assessments, learning apps, and social learning tools.

Whatever your need, our approach toward these synchronous learning experiences is to maximize interaction opportunities between the facilitator and the learners, as well as among learners.

We employ our proprietary ILT Authoring Platform to develop the learning material (guides, presentations, handouts, etc.) for these instructor-led learning solutions.

Case Study:

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