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Dynamic Doc Hub™


DynamicDocs is Indecomm’s proprietary document management, image handling, and audit management technology platform that is specifically tailored for the mortgage industry. We receive documents from the closing table at our St. Paul, MN document management facility. These documents are imaged and uploaded into DynamicDocs. Using a very powerful document stacking functionality, our Bangalore team stacks and organizes these documents as per our clients’ requirements. The audit feature of the platform is used to review each document and capture exceptions. DynamicDocs has a web-based front end, which gives our clients real-time visibility to the status of each document and the ability to access the exceptions and clear them instantly. DynamicDocs is designed to support high transaction volumes in a near real-time environment with quick turnaround time requirements.

Key Features:

  • Ability to upload images, sort and index them on the fly
  • Stack documents in a loan file as per multiple guidelines
  • Robust exception management
  • Interactive web front end for clients to access documents and address exceptions
  • Used simultaneously by Indecomm’s US and Bangalore teams and client teams
  • Distributed architecture for high transaction throughput and high availability requirements

Services Delivered:

  • Post-Closing Audit
  • Government Audit