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Content Authoring Platform


We have been a pioneer in automating digital workflows and tool-based learning development to shorten development time, allow for standardization, and facilitate effective time usage of our clients’ resources.

As a part of this quest, we have developed the following automated authoring platforms:

RapideL – Desktop and web-based, digital collaborative authoring environment for Web-Based Training

RapideL provides Instructional Designers (IDs), Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and Visual Designers (VDs) a digital authoring environment which allows them to convert their Microsoft Word storyboard into instructionally sound HTML 5 courses at the click of a button. This successfully addresses the common pain points by reducing time-to-market of courses by over 45%, reducing review cycles by the SME by 30%, and reducing development costs by a substantial 40-60%.

RapideL is the best fit digital solution for creating Web-based Training that needs to be updated regularly.

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Author – Microsoft Word-based authoring environment for Instructor-Led Training

Indecomm’s “WoW! Author” is a Microsoft Word-based authoring tool for creating Instructor-led training that allows for:

  • Standardization of the structure and elements of the key components of an ILT:
    • Facilitator Guide (FG)
    • Participant Guide (PG)
    • Presentation Deck (PD)
  • Deployment of an automated workflow for the development of the key components of an ILT
  • Setting up a workflow that facilitates quick and easy updates of the three key components of an ILT

WoW! Author is created by using a macro-based authoring environment, set up in Microsoft Word 2007, compatible with Microsoft Word 2010. Its workflow is structured around the philosophy of Single Input, Multiple Outputs. A single Master Document is used to generate the key components of the ILT in .docx, .PDF, and .PPT formats. WoW! Author includes a toolbar with different buttons programmed with one or more macros which are used to author the Master Document and then generate the three key ILT components.